That car mechanic pays him this salary.

X art free reads the children a fairy tale.

I bought her a gift.

That lawyer saved her a seat.

Those bus drivers wrote her a letter.

They offered her a ride home.

They pay him this salary.

Those bankers paid him this salary.

That student left her a ticket.

Those plumbers left her a ticket.

I ordered her a new dress.

They granted him his wish.

That journalist taught them English.

X art free lends him a pencil.

Ed gave him a book.

Those bartenders teach them English.

That singer writes her messages.

That cashier struck him a heavy blow.

They envy him his good fortune.

Xartfree asked him a question.

I envied him his good fortune.

Xartfree told them a joke.

Those fishermen read the children a story.

They envy him his good fortune.